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Vallejo, CA, USA

N2Deep is a rap group from Vallejo, California best known for their 1992 hit single "Back to the Hotel." Formed in 1989 in Vallejo, CA by Johnny Z (John Zunino), Jay Tee (James Trujillo), and TL (Timothy Lyon). While attending college in Sacramento Johnny Z began producing hip hop music and after graduating and moving back to Vallejo, TL referred Johnny to an inspiring rapper, Jay Tee (James Trujillo). The three began writing and recording hip hop demos and performing live shows originally as 3DEEP. Before long, Johnny Z decided to work strictly behind the scenes and on the music and production end, while Jay Tee and TL performed the vocals and live shows.

In 1990, the group now known as N2DEEP released an up-tempo single on vinyl record and cassette titled “Work That Body” on Rated Z Recordz, a label and production company started by Johnny Z. The single saw some club play and opened the doors for more live shows throughout the Bay Area. By 1992 the group and Rated Z prepared to release an EP, titled “Back At The Hotel.” Just before the cassette tape and vinyl record were to be released, N2DEEP, Johnny, and then Rated Z consultant, Steve Bernstein decided to send the tape to Cory Robbins of Profile Records. Cory then contacted Steve and offered a production contract to Rated Z for the group. By May 1992 the first single, now titled “Back To The Hotel,” was released on Profile Records and moved up the charts peaking at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100. The full length album with the same title was also released, both to eventually receive RIAA certified gold records for sales of over 500,000.