Mose Se Sengo ‘Fan Fan’ (Mose Fan Fan) is considered to be one of Africa’s most prominent guitarists. Mose Fan Fan first shot to fame in the 60s and early 70s as the second lead guitarist of OK JAZZ (later renamed as TPOK Jazz) between 1967-74 with the legendary Franco (François Luambo Makiadi). Together with Franco, Mose Fan Fan was instrumental in developing the unique Congolese rumba sound, called soukous (a fusion of traditional Congolese African music with Caribbean (especially Afro-Cuban, Haitian music) and South American sounds. By the the mid 70s, Mose left his native Congo (formerly Zaire) and formed his own band called Somo Somo. For the rest of the decade, he lived, performed and recorded throughout east Africa notably, Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia.