From: CA, United States

Jazz, Funk, R&B/Neo-Soul

“Who Is Morpheus B?”

By Don Mizell, Legendary A&R Executive & Best Album of the Year Grammy award winning participating Producer: Ray Charles - "Genius Loves Company"

“When you enter the sonic world of Morpheus B, you are transported into a space where, back in time, dope beat music ruled the known universe. In the 70s, a whole gang of great jazz fusion oriented artists emerged from the boomer generation who pushed the frontiers of what may be said to be cool, cosmic, funky, groove music. Artists like Lonnie Liston Smith, George Duke, Dexter Wansel, John Klemmer, and others emerged with a kind of hypnotic trance-inducing aural soundscape in which one's sense of tranquility and elevated consciousness could flournish in a rhythmic flow. Morpheus B is a descendent of that groove, a disciple of that vibe, and a member of that tribe. He calls it the ‘Universal Groove Collective’. I call it ‘simply brilliant’.

The groove flows easily. It's all good when you go with Mr. B, and where you go. Everything you hear here is ever morphing: mind, spirit, heart and soul. And yea, he plays all the instruments too, whether on or off the computer. This music may have its roots ‘back-in-the-day’, but it points the way forward into a crisp ease and phenomenological focus that is assuredly poised to be riding with us as we move into our next space-time continuums. "Love After Dark" yes, but, then what? Stay tuned to Morpheus B.”