From: FL, United States

Dance/Electronica, Instrumental, Ambient

My name is Jorge Javier Valdes (JJV), or a.k.a Moonlight as I named this project. I work nights on Burger King and needed a hobby, this album became IT. It is a very experimental album, very varied - hence "Flying Colors". These songs kept me up at night and it was a blessing making them, I enjoy to daydream and imagine things, these songs are a mix of what goes on in my head. I loved how I was somehow able to make something out of nothing. I hope others can enjoy this simple hobby of mine and give me feedback.

*This second sophmore album is more straightforward than my previous one, and in my opinion better made. I took what I learned from comments and feedback on "Flying Colors" to make a better comeback. Enjoy.

God bless


(Christian and proud)

"You don't get to heaven by religion, you get to heaven by Jesus Christ."

Influences: God, Jesus, Owl City, Sky Sailing, Adam Young, Sailship, Swimming With Dolphins, Glacier Island, Port Blue, Windsor Airlift, Breanne Duren

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(First debut album "Flying Colors" in stores! Second, sophomore album "Momentary Escape" now also in stores! - check below)

News: "Momentary Escape" now on Itunes: