From: Australia

Dance/Electronica, Metal, Instrumental

My name is Mistaken Enemy and I am very passionate musician on a very joyful path. I have been playing and writing music for about 10 years and that was sparked by me playing the guitar for the very first time, I knew I had to accomplish something very powerful to leave behind “A legacy” and a sense of mastery over music.

Creating ideas to creating the best music possible is what I aspire to do, it’s like a drug addiction to crave music on a such a profound way is the holy grail for me. Also the satisfaction of writing music that will benefit other people in some way has a lot to do with me wanting to give more, I think that the world will never lack great music ever.

So with my original background in metal with bands such as Slipknot,Metallica, Disturbed,Cradle of Filth I was so in love for this music (and always will be). I found my self exploring other interesting genres exponentially, I soon found classical music with my main influence being Vivaldi I found that music to have so much emotion involved, so I started composing music because that’s what I felt right with and it was the best choice ever!. Later on to keep fueling my creativeness I kept finding the “gold nuggets” of music and I have now a huge database of the most influential stuff on the planet.

“It keeps you alive with the powers of creation that drives you in every way.”

So years went on I was playing in metal bands,writing,recording from home and most importantly working for my dream. I was immersed in the “vibrations of life”. I realized something very powerful that changed the way I viewed my perceptions. Music is a reflection to your life, I have always listened and felt the most inspirational music what I can say is the best and that made me feel so good about life, as in being in a state where you always feel protected, you will always fulfill your dreams, music will always be there for you anywhere anytime. So I realized this and I have always been very happy in my life since it clicked to me.

“In Music As In Life”