From: MS, United States

Alternative/Alt. Rock, Americanan/Southern Rock

If you're reading this right now, you've probably been indoctrinated into the mysteries of the mythical, Mississippi night. You've felt the sweet taste from a've seen the moonlight through the trees bathing the surreal shapes of the Kudzu cloaked hills.

This is the first recording by the group Mississippi Stomp. It's a long time coming. The songs at the heart of "Chickasaw Lodge" bear witness to the combined experience and talent of its members, all native Mississippians.

The soul of the songs expressed by the voices of the Stuckey's, Gid and Sunny; one, a descendant from the piney woods of the Free State of Jones, the other from the church and juke joint infested hills of Northeast Mississippi. The band, all blood brothers (and sister!) for decades, come together to create this fine document.

Headlights on dead-end roads, bad, bad spirits and the sweet light of salvation all burn in the luminous heart of Chickasaw Lodge.

I love this record and hope you do too.

Jimbo Mathus