Mission Six (sometimes shown as Mission 6) is a teen Christian rock band from Evansville, Indiana, United States, consisting of five members; Noah Daniel Hayden, age 16 (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Anthony Paul Barthel, age 17 (Guitar), Isaac Alling, age 16 (Keyboard, Background Vocals), Michael Francis Powers, age 16 (Bass, Background Vocals), and David Douglas Horner, age 16 (Drums). They currently tour and play shows across America and have also joined the iShine Live tour.

Media recognition

They star in the iShine KNECT TV show with the rest of the iShine cast members. Season two of the show began filming in March and will premiere June 19, 2010 on TBN. Their first album, released with Bema Media in July 2008, was Superhero, which had the songs "Future," "Monday Morning," "Take It From Me," "Better Me," "We Got The Beat," "Tomorrow," "Star Wars," "Superhero," "Tonight, Tonight," and "Walk A Mile"; and their most recent album Not Too Young,which included the songs "Not Too Young," "Stand Out," "Misfits," "Forever," and "I am Free," was released this year with Bema as well. They were also featured on Radio Disney in 2008.

Band members

Noah Hayden - lead vocals, rhythm guitar,

Anthony Barthel - lead guitar,

Isaac Alling - keys, backing vocals,

Michael Powers - bass, backing vocals,

David Horner - drums