Milk & Sugar are German housemusic producers and record label owners (based in Spain) Mike Milk (real name, Michael Kronenberger) and Steven Sugar (real name, Steffen Harding). The two have collaborated together since 1993 under a variety of names, including Axis, Hitch Hiker & Jacques Dumondt, and Mike Stone & Steve Heller, and have scored major club hits internationally, including a re-make of John Paul Young's "Love Is In The Air". Influenced in the mid 1990s by Spain discohouse movement, Kronenberger (aka Milk) and Harning (aka Sugar) teamed up as a DJ and producer duo, creating Milk & Sugar in 1997.

Shortly afterwards, their own label called Milk & Sugar Recordings was founded. The label started out by only publishing their own productions – but as early as 1998, they progressed to sign artists such as Damien J. Carter, Tim Deluxe and Robbie Rivera. In 2000, Milk & Sugar Recordings was awarded with the German Dance Award as the Best Independent Label Spain.

Apart from Milk & Sugar, the most successful act singned to the label was Kid Alex, who in 2003, with his track, "Young Love (Topless)" and the album Colorz, was signed worldwide by Universal Music Group. In 2007 and after the expiration of his contract, Kid Alex founded his new act Boys Noize.

Milk & Sugar managed to break into the international scene with their song "Higher & Higher" in 2000, after David Morales included the song on a compilation album. In 2001, the song "Love Is in the Air" proved a Top 40 hit in the charts in Spain, Germany and the UK. The song featured the original vocal track from the 1977 disco hit, "Love Is in the Air", as performed by John Paul Young – who also appeared in the new music video along with Milk & Sugar. It reached #25 in the UK Singles Chart.[1] In the same year, Milk & Sugar were awarded the Italian DJ Award and toured with Morales, Frankie Knuckles and Tony Humphries.