Mike Strickland
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From: MS, United States

Genre: Pop, Blues, Contemporary Instrumental

A Brief Biography of Pianist Mike Strickland

Pianist and composer Mike Strickland has been influenced by many styles of music and has evolved into a one-of-a-kind piano artist. Born and raised in Jackson Mississippi, he grew up listening to the great composers of that time including Henry Mancini, Vince Guaraldi, the Beatles and Burt Bacharach. His performance career started at the age of 9 when his father would encourage him to entertain dinner guests (“Alley Cat” and “Baby Elephant Walk” were the big h…

Mike Strickland songs
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  • Canon in D by Pachelbel

Videos From Mike Strickland
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    Composer Mike Strickland orchestrating
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    Etude in Db
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    Pachelbel's Canon in D solo piano improv
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Sunday, September 04, 2011
Watching The World Go By: caught me by complete surprise ... your composition is beautiful and mysterious in a tender way.