From: CO, United States

Alternative/Alt. Rock, Electro Americana, Rock, Hip Hop, Blues


"A Denver Scene Icon" - Dave Herrera, Westword 2007

Born and raised in the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, Mike has been making music since he was 8. First with the piano and then in his teen years when he picked up guitar, bass and began vocalizing. The first bands he joined in high school were Prince and Metallica cover bands, and in 1989 going on to form his first original band : Phantasmorgasm (Best Local Rap Group Westword 1992). Later Mike would be part of the live hip hop collective Ratiocination (1999/2000) and start recording and releasing work as a solo artist (1998). During this time Mike picked up DJ techniques incorporating Synths, Samplers and Drum Machines into his repertoire as well as learning to play the traditional trap drum set while performing with The Eclectix (2010).

Over the years Mike has performed and released under many different names in addition to the aforementioned. Other brands include 1992's N.O.A. (later D-Town Brown), Cactus Marco (1994), The Acoustifuxx (1995), Lo-Tek (1996), Oblio Music (1998), and since the Y2K as Zhitkur Roswell, Mile High Mike Colin, The Family of Noise, or most often just Mike Colin which is the name he has been releasing records commercially under since "13 Years" (Island Def Jam Digital Distribution) was released in 2010. Since then Mike has commercially released 6 more singles, 1 E.P. (the well received 'Earth Ocean Drift" 2013) and 2 L.P.'s including "The Inflamed Biotic" (2015) as well as a handful of underground E.P.'s available for free on Mike's website.

He also has been contributing (Guitar,Bass,Songwriting) to his son's project Millennial Axiom, which has been quietly developing since 2010.