Michael Wark
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From: NJ, United States

Genre: Rock, blues, classical

Michael Wark is from Long Beach Island (New Jersey) and has been playing guitar for 29 years. Early in his career he took lessons from Al Di meola’s teacher Bob Aslanian. Michael played in several high school bands, and he would practice five hours a day building his guitar skills.

He played over two hundred live shows with original bands in the mid to late 90's. Michael has played all over New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well as having his music played on air on 94 WYSP in Philadelphia. Later playing f…

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Michael Wark songs
  • Florida Hurricane-(Remastered 2018)

  • Caribbean Ecstasy

  • My Spanish Lady

  • Costarican Sunrise-(Remastered 2018)

  • Nikola Tesla-(Remastered 2018)

  • Stardust and Wine-(Remastered 2018)

  • Through the Mountain Pass-(Remastered 2018)

  • Surface of the Sun-(Remastered 2018)

  • Big Mountain Top-(Remastered 2018)

  • On This Sailing Ship-(Remastered 2018)

  • Blue Shift-(Remastered 2018)

  • Pennsylvania Autumn-(Remastered 2018)

  • Springtime in Colorado

  • Santiago Afternoon

  • Dance of the Samba

  • Icelandic Journey-(Remastered 2018)

  • Super Gravity-(Remastered 2018)

  • Supermassive Black Hole-(Remastered 2018)

  • Gravitational Waves-(Remastered 2018)

  • Comet Strike-(Remastered 2018)

Videos From Michael Wark

  1. michael wark-pompeii: frozen in time

  2. michael wark-costarican sunrise

  3. michael wark-surface of the sun

  4. michael wark-wish upon a binary star

  5. michael wark-mars dust storm

  6. michael wark-nikola tesla

  7. michael wark-mining the moon

  8. michael wark-black hole time machine

  9. michael wark-(saturn flyby)

  10. michael wark-beams of starlight
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