Michael Church
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From: Canada

Genre: World, pop, ambient

A Musical ‘Magellan’ and Renaissance Man

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“At any time I may slip my musical moorings and change my stylistic direction on this musical voyage.” – Michael Church

The earth is not flat, and neither is the realm of music! At full sail, one songwriter has embarked on a journey to the cutting edge of the musical world. Michael Church is constantly voyaging into uncharted, stylistic waters. He also brings his career experiences as an inventor into his artistry, conceiving ne…

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  1. La di di

  2. In a Dream Mandala Mix

  3. My Heart Mandala

  4. Peaceful

  5. Ukulele Rain

  6. Day Dreaming Mode

  7. The Sunset

  8. And Time

  9. Watching Clouds

  10. My Heart

  11. Midnight Love Song

  12. Morning Song

  13. Love Light Laugh

  14. Waves of Stars

  15. Start to Skate

  16. Smooth Rough Ice

  17. Digable Ice - Michael Church

  18. Glide Designs - The Ice Painting Project

  19. Tomorrow Till 2

  20. Arctic Circles - Michael Church
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Thursday, August 27, 2020
This song reminds me of windchimes. It's beautiful, just like your album cover for Peaceful Sunrise. Thank you for the serenity :)