Memory Tapes is a recording alias of New Jersey-based Dayve Hawk, former frontman of Philadelphia-based Hail Social. Memory Tapes' first LP, Seek Magic was released in September 2009, through the labels Sincerely Yours, Acéphale and Something in Construction. The CD release of "Seek Magic" came bundled with a 22-minute instrumental, "Treeship", which could also be downloaded from his website for free. Hawk has also remixed a lot of big name artists including a remix of a Michael Jackson song which was rejected by Jackson's label. Memory Tapes is often associated with the Chillwave music genre.

Hawk has also released tracks and EPs under the names Memory Cassette and Weird Tapes.

He is known to be a recluse and is hesitant on touring, due to a fear of airplanes.