From: NJ, United States

Pop, Acoustic, Country

Anyone who knows Megan knows that no matter what she is doing at any given moment, she is also singing. Some say that she was even singing before she could talk. Now, whether she's studying, playing soccer or just hanging out with her friends, she is always lightly singing. After doing this for so long, people around her hardly notice. But when she turns up the volume it's impossible not to be blown away by the emotion, power and maturity of her voice.

As if singing was not enough to satisfy her music making desire, Megan has also become skilled at playing the guitar and piano. She is self taught on these instruments and yet was playing for audiences within a few months of starting. As soon as she started playing these instruments, she also started writing music. The depth of her lyrics and the quality of her songwriting made local professional musicians take notice. With the support of family, friends and music industry professionals, Megan has rapidly become a highly respected singer/songwriter.