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From: United States

Alternative/Alt. Rock, singer/songwriter

‘Inside every answer are thousands of whys…’

The road can be long and hard, but it can also take one on an amazing journey.

Matia, now releasing her second album, There is Love, has evolved through the 

spaces of despair and illness—to a self created cure, an amazing education and

PHD, a rebirth of voice and pure creativity to now share with us her amazing talents.

Blind, her first album, establishes Matia as a major song writer in the tradition of 

the 60s and 70s, with honest arrangements and minimalist acoustic oriented

production. There Is Love expands on these traits and adds more of Matia’s

unique perspective on life and love, with an expanded sound palette.

A mother, a healer, a musician and a multilingual intelligence—all feeding into 

a world of song and lyrics. 

This is a strong new original voice with a fabulous story and a commitment to honesty and

deep song writing integrity based solidly on the influences of the best of the 20th century

song smiths.

Matia is now gigging in the SOCAL area. Look for her and her amazing band to

be in your city sometime soon.