From: France

Folk, folk, french touch


On tour the USA in April and May 2016. The two founder members of the Mary-Lou band use to play in France and USA in a duet called "The Hoboes". They have recorded a new duet album in april and may in the USA with 10 american artists : Hoboes and Friends "The Southern sessions".


One foot in America, one foot in Brittany, the west part of France, Mary-Lou have been playing their country-folk songs for fourteen years. Their inspiration comes from traditional music of North America mixed with the french songs tradition.

The lyrics are about Acadia, Mississippi, Louisiana, swamps, and french stories. Mary and Jean-Luc are very interested in stories of the deep south, the hobos, the trains, the dust storms that's why they also love to play old covers from jug bands, old country songs, Jimmie Rodgers, Bob Wills, Pasty Cline tunes.

Mary-Lou brings in France sounds and colours of that America that french people love.

That's why, year after year they have been asked to play in many festivals and stages in all parts of France and Europe. They played with their friends of the Tammerlin band several time in USA since 2007.

They have recorded seven cds "Honky-Tonk Music" in 1998, "Histoires Vraies (ou pas)" in 2000, "Les orages de poussiËre" in 2003, "Americana Favorites" in 2006 a DVD "Mary-Lou en concert" in 2006 too, "Courrier Transatlantique" in 2009, and the band new "Music Medecine Show" in 2012. All these records are still available in their label. More than 25 musicians have been invited on these recordings, and they like to have friends on stage with them.

Mary-Lou is :

Mary : vocals, guitar, washboard, fiddle

Jean-Luc : vocals, guitar, dobro, harmonica, accordeon

With more than 1200 concerts, the band follows his own independant road playing his unique and sweet synthesis between popular american music and french songs.