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From: FL, United States

Dance/Electronica, House, Lounge

One of Miami’s most captivating performers, Marti grew up listening to various styles of music. However, it was the House scene that really made an impact on her and inspired the desire to perform as well as create music that moved the masses!

As a native of Miami, Marti began singing as a child. She entered various talent shows to get in the performance arena. As a teenager, she joined local Gospel groups and local bands where she sang back up and lead. During this time she developed a love and appreciation for all forms of Dance and House music.

It was around then that Marti tried her hand at writing her own material and went into the studio to start the process of recording her first single titled “Jump.” Much to her surprise and delight, every DJ she gave the single to would play it immediately upon hearing it in the club. When people kept on dancing and started asking for more, she knew she was on to something!

Combining sex appeal and charm, Marti’s sultry low tones and heart stopping high notes were prevalent in recordings, concerts and showcases with local as well as nationally and internationally known acts. She also has recorded for Universal Latino on several projects and is now in the process of completing her first Dance album due out later this year.

Marti’s talents as a singer and songwriter combined with soulful warmth and an approachable attitude wins over her audience and will have you asking for more…