Mark Zamcheck
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From: MA, United States

Genre: Pop, jazz, New Age Piano/classical

My favorite experience is dropping into the moment - musically - no charts, no time changes, no keys... a call to all who understand the close and delicate threads shared by verbal and musical conversation.

Either way - verbal or musical - if you want to explore something new and real, you can't be afraid of making mistakes. A clash is only the beginning of creative dialogue, and is by definition, a 'Happy Accident'

So, these tracks are from the album 'Drawing from Life', which is my current happiest mu…

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  • The Guardian - Wild Flowers Suite part I

  • Retrograde - Wild Flowers Suite part IV

  • Under a rogue wind - Wild Flowers Suite part III

  • Colorbow - Wild Flowers Suite part II

  • Atone Moment

  • perfect

  • coriolis1

  • Falling...

  • Postcard from Antonio - solo piano.mp3

  • uNDer waTEr

  • Poor Satie...

  • Can't Open My Eyes...

  • Green

  • Postcard From Antonio

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    Atone Moment
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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Hit my blue mood just right this morning.