Mark Northfield
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From: United Kingdom

Genre: Pop, Alternative, Classical

MARK NORTHFIELD is a pianist, composer and singer/songwriter from Berkshire, England. He makes eclectic and (mostly) melancholic alternative pop with a prominent classical streak, often with guest vocalists.

His work is influenced by a diverse range of composers and artists such as Beethoven, ABBA, Kate Bush, Pet Shop Boys, Radiohead, The Magnetic Fields, Pink Martini and so forth.

Mark has released several albums, EPs and singles on his own label Substantive Recordings and they are available to downl…

Mark Northfield songs
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  • The Last Post / It's A Long Way To Tipperary (performed by Cherry Mint Koala)

  • Sleeping Beauty (performed by Cherry Mint Koala)

  • Dancing On My Own

  • Giving You What You Want

  • The Death Of Copyright

  • Nothing Impossible

  • Saturday Night

  • All That She Wants (feat Ellen Jakubiel)

  • I Feel Love (performed by Cherry Mint Koala)

  • The Day Before You Came

  • Zero

  • Christmas Eve, Gracechurch St. (with Gareth Forster)

  • Aurora (performed by Cherry Mint Koala)

  • Let The Body Go (performed by Cherry Mint Koala)

  • A Stone's Throw (performed by Cherry Mint Koala)

  • Self Control

  • The Calm

  • Luco

  • Keep Driving

  • Waiting For Green

Videos From Mark Northfield
  1. Mqdefault
    Saturday Night
  2. Mqdefault
    Headlonging (stretched out instrumental)
  3. Mqdefault
    The Last Post / Tipperary (by Cherry Mint Koala)
  4. Mqdefault
    Let The Body Go (Cherry Mint Koala version)
  5. Mqdefault
    Giving You What You Want
  6. Mqdefault
    The Death Of Copyright
  7. Mqdefault
    I Feel Love (Cherry Mint Koala interpretation)
  8. Mqdefault
    Keep Driving
  9. Mqdefault
    The Up Shit Creek Blues
  10. Mqdefault
    Waiting For Green
  11. Mqdefault
    Christmas Eve, Gracechurch St.
  12. Mqdefault
    Nothing Impossible
  13. Mqdefault
    Let The Body Go
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