Marco Santiago
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From: TN, United States

Genre: Rock, Blues, R&B

Marco is an independent American songwriter/composer (ASCAP), multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer. His musical style blends blues, jazz, latin, soft rock, and R&B. His works feature various guitar styles and layered percussion in both vocal and instrumental formats. Marco plays all instruments and performs all singing on his recordings. Marco owns and runs the music creation business, Pacific Pop Productions, which provides music for TV/film use and commercial release.

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Marco Santiago songs
  • Surrender Redux: Diddy's Groove (Remix)

  • Surrender Redux: The Only One (Take 2)

  • Surrender Redux: Surrender (Single)

  • Surrender Redux: Southern Rose (Remix)

  • Surrender Redux: Slow Down (Single)

  • Surrender Redux: Sparkles Off The Wheel (Take 2)

  • Surrender Redux: Rainbow Of Blues (Remix)

  • Surrender Redux: Mama And Papa (Single)

  • Surrender Redux: Back In Love (Remix)

  • Surrender Redux: Daybreak (Remix)

  • Blacker & Bluer: Home

  • Blacker & Bluer: Southern Rose

  • Blacker & Bluer: Rainbow Of Blues

  • Blacker & Bluer: Anybody Don't Believe In God

  • Blacker & Bluer: Lord, What Are We Going To Do?

  • Blacker & Bluer: Domino

  • Blacker & Bluer: Live In The Sunshine

  • Blacker & Bluer: Nothing Else Will Do

  • Blacker & Bluer: We're Insane

  • Blacker & Bluer: What Goes Around Comes Around

Videos From Marco Santiago

  1. Back In Love (ReMix)

  2. Domino

  3. Whiskey, Bourbon, Tequila And Gin

  4. Live In The Sunshine

  5. Nothing Else Will Do

  6. You Are Pain (Sweet, Sweet Pain)

  7. Rainbow Of Blues

  8. Surrender (Single)

  9. Anybody Don't Believe In God

  10. WouldaCouldaShoulda

  11. Slow Down (Single)

  12. Diddy's Groove (ReMix)

  13. The Only One (Take 2)

  14. Mama And Papa (Single)

  15. Daybreak

  16. We're Insane

  17. Blue In Hawaii

  18. What Goes Around Comes Around

  19. Lord, What Are We Going To Do?

  20. Home
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