From: Canada

Blues, Folk - Ragtime Blues, Claw and Hammer

Marc D. Lariviere is a singer songwriter from British Columbia. He records as a one-man guitar with one-take and no-overdubs. Marc delivers a dynamic originality rarely heard today as his words speak of a gritty reality linked to the land and its spirits. With a seasoned background in ragtime blues he plays his guitar in an open-hand-style with claw –and-hammer techniques inspired by Doc Watson and Reverend Gary Davis. Creating counter-pointing baselines that have melodies overlaid with rhythms, Marc invites his listeners to flow with the changes contained within his unique musical perspectives as stories emerge from his lyrics.

Born and raised in Blind River, Ontario, Marc D. Lariviere has shared the stage with Blues legends Honey Boy Edwards, Louisiana Red and Jimmy Lee Robinson. He began his professional career at the infamous Smails Pace in London, Ontario where Bruce Cockburn, Gordon Lightfoot, Kim Mitchell and Willie P. Bennett performed.

Marc began songwriting after he was encouraged by Colin Linden and at that same time entered into his present style of Ragtime Blues. His music crosses styles and speaks to the inner common being. Marc’s stories are linked to the sprit of places and the road that takes you there. Marc is an explorer not a traveler, when he speaks of his own journey he says, “I’ve never drifted, I’ve always had a destination in mind, a purpose, but I never know what will be presented to me, so its always an adventure.” It’s this determination and quest for the mysterious that is reflected within his songs.

Marc calls Westwold, British Columbia his home.12503073561