Los Mac's was one of the Chilean rock band opening, started in Valparaíso in 1962 and left as heritage a classic of psychedelic music of the sixties: "La Muerte de mi Hermano".


The group began in 1962 in the district of Playa Ancha as a rock cover band that was revealed and there was some national radio stations. It was the surname of the brothers, David and Charles Mac Iver (its first exponents) which gave its name to the group. During his teenage years in Playa Ancha, Mac-Iver brothers often met with people in the making, of Chilean culture. as in the case of singer-songwriters Gitano Rodriguez, Payo Grondona and the poet Sergio Badilla Castillo. After playing at festivals and universities in Buenos Aires, moved to Santiago, where they met the composer, arranger and singer Willy Morales, who shared the same musical interests who decides to join the group and then joined Eric Franklin. Morales was the son of art and experience came from a very popular (and Alan Bates). Now with their own songs the band Los Mac's begins its new era that will mark the history of rock. His initial singles were recorded in 1965 under a deal with the record company RCA. That same musical signature supported the album Go Go / 22, his first LP in 1966, with themes of The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, The Shadows ], Bob Dylan and Willy Morales. The Mac's got a strong influence on the record theSgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles, which led them to experiment in the field of psychedelic, pre-recording of her album Kaleidoscope Men, in late 1967. This is perhaps his most representative work that was left as a legacy for the history of Chile beat rock. The instrumental track "The Gospel of the lonely people" (most notably the electric organ Willy Morales) is simply breathtaking and amazing. In 1968, the group, led by the hand of Morales, he decides to go to Europe, with a farewell concert at the Universidad Santa María. They are installed in Genoa, Italy, but for different reasons the band split the following year.


David Mac-Iver (Guitar and Vocals),

Carlos Mac-Iver (Bass and Vocals),

Willy Morales (Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals),

Eric Franklin (Drums)