From: AU

Country, country, Pop

I had a severe mental breakdown in 2016 and have been rebuilding my life slowly ever

since. Due to this breakdown I lost all my creativity and have spent the past 4 years in and

out of hospital and receiving therapeutic treatments for my mental health.

Since then I have been having music tuition and artist development twice a week, this has

included having vocal, guitar, studio recording time and songwriting sessions, with teachers

Richard Brown and Kym Turnbull from Bluebird Music Studio's. My music has been one of my most important therapies, it has helped to heal my soul and has given me a purpose in life, that for so many long dark years I did not have.

With this support and encouragement, I have returned to fully re-embracing my love of songwriting, and have started to develop some songs about my journey, I have discovered my own voice capacity, and I'm working towards live performance and studio work.

For myself, this has been the pathway back home to me. Back to a life of purpose and future with meaning. Through recording and performing these songs I aim to positively impact the lives of others who have experienced mental health difficulty and be a positive role model of recovery.

I hope to help others with mental health difficulty return to the life of meaning that they desire and deserve. Additionally, I would like to utilize the exposure I gain through performance to cultivate awareness of music therapy and creation as a pathway, and tool, for mental health recovery. A pathway that is little known, but as is evident as my example so far, has been life-changing.

During Covid I’ve had to do this via video conference, and have during that time been apart

of building up the backing for 12 songs I’m going to put vocals on and release my debut


I did my very first live stream on Facebook on 9th October.

A song I’ve written called “ Don’t Lose Faith “ that I wrote from working with Blue Bird Studio’s.

Music is medicine for me. I have come so far musically, emotionally and I’m now writing my own journey with my music. I plan to fly where only dreamers fly. I’m putting in the hard steps to make this happen.

Mental Health is an unseen disability and one that a lot of people don’t recognize and that, even in today’s progressive society, still has a lot of stigma attached to it. I want to be able to help people like myself with mental illness, families, carers and the wider population, realise that reaching out and starting the recovery path, can with a lot of hard work and supports be so rewarding.

I'm writing my journey through music to help others in the same situation as myself. Music is my passion, my love and my life. Thank you so much for taking the time to review my story.