From: MI, United States

Christian/Gospel, Spiritual / Pop, New Age - Contemporary

Linda Missad has a vision of music that inspires people to greatness. Never satisfied with "formula" music, Linda strives to continually break new ground with her compositions.

Soothing to the soul, yet intriguing to the mind, Linda's music has a unique blend of spirituality and intellectual complexity that defies description. Even her arrangements of traditional tunes result in a diverse multi-layering of concepts that add depth and meaning to an otherwise common piece.

Coming from a background of strict classical training on the piano, Linda finds fresh expression in today's modern computerized music synthesis. "I've always been fascinated with merging the classical style with modern pop-rock" she muses.

Years of experience in community theaters with limited orchestras helped Linda learn how to compose and arrange music for specific situations, quickly and professionally. Recently, she has turned her attention to other media, such as film, video, television, and radio.