Lethal Injektion
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From: AZ, United States

Genre: Metal, Rap/Metal, Rap/Rock, Nu Metal, Alternative

Lethal Injektion is the newest Rap/Metal sensation, based out of Tucson Arizona known for creating their own genre known as "West Coast Metal". The band was put together with Tucson’s hottest top tier artists to make an undeniable sound & movement.

Jacob Ryan, is a successful independent rap artist under the rap name The Raskal, who most recently won West Coast Artist Of The Year @ The Under Ground Music Awards in New York in December 2015. The Raskal has also had major write ups in The Source, allhipho…

Lethal Injektion songs

Videos From Lethal Injektion

  1. The Truth

  2. No Turning Back

  3. Believer [Imagine Dragons Cover]

  4. XO Tour Life [Lil Uzi Vert Cover]

  5. Bad Romance [Lady Gaga Cover]

  6. Blinding Light

  7. Save Me

  8. Snap Ft. Crooked I

  9. Voices

  10. Empire
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