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Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Louisiana's LeRoux (a.k.a. LeRoux) is a pop (rock) band founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA that saw its heyday from 1978-1983. Their best known songs were "Take a Ride On a Riverboat" with its 4-part a capella intro, the regional smash "New Orleans Ladies", "Nobody Said It Was Easy (Lookin' For the Lights)" (their highest charting single), "Addicted", and "Carrie's Gone". Their music, though pop-oriented, combined many elements such as funk, R&B, Dixieland jazz, rock, and some Cajun-flavoring, thus defying a pigeonhole into one definable category, like many other diverse Louisiana artists common to an area known for its many musical influences and tastes. The band continues to perform live throughout the U.S., mostly at fairs and festivals in the Louisiana area. In 1977 several former members of a group called the Levee Band, who had been playing as backup players for Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown and Clifton Chenier, signed a deal with Capitol Records as The Jeff Pollard Band. Leon Medica, the band's producer and bassist, had presented a demo tape to Paul Tannen at Screen Gems-EMI while doing a session in Nashville and making trips to Colorado to contribute bass parts to a Nitty Gritty Dirt Band album at William McEuen's Aspen recording Society Studios. McEuen, Tanney and Attorney John Frankenheimer helped Medica secure the contract with Capitol.