From: MA, United States

Hip Hop/Rap, Pop, R&B

Lee Cartel was born in Lowell, Massachusetts to two immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic. Early on in his childhood, his love for music was evident. Singing along to the songs his mom would play on the record player. Though he never pursued singing lessons, he did however develop another talent, he learned how to rap. He started when he was about 8 years old as he was heavily influenced by the Hip Hop culture. Lee Cartel’s inspiration is fostered by his two older brothers who, at one point, had their own group called the MF. They gave the initial momentum to start and Lee Cartel has been hitting it hard ever since. In a time when Hip Hop was about lyricism, not so much about getting your song on the radio, a lyricist was born. He remembers hitting the rewind button hundreds of times, back when albums were on tapes, in order to memorize verses from rappers that he admired. And even while pursuing hoop dreams, Lee was always writing. The first time he ever performed he was about 11 years old. “I was a kid rapping, the crowd went crazy, but it was the greatest feeling ever. I wanted to experience that many more times.” Lee would sit in his room and critique every line to make sure his rhymes were right; he did not one to hear one weak spot. That level of perfectionism built the foundation and Lee’s versatility could be heard from track to track. Though times have changed, Lee has been able to adapt. From making a catchy hit record, to making a song with substance and depth, Lee has it covered. Every song he creates, he wants it to be a classic. And it’s this attitude that separates him from the competition. With a strong appreciation for a broad range of music, and a passion for a great melody, Lee has the tools to impact the masses. Even though Boston has not been known as a place to make it out of, Lee is optimistic. He feels that it hasn’t been done like this yet. But as he says “Only time will tell, the music will speak for itself.”