From: NO

Dance/Electronica, House, D'n'B, Ambient

Lars L. Lien is a composer and producer from the town of Bergen, Norway. His most acknowledged albums are his debut, 'The Higher Astral' (2014), and the accessible 'Another Heart' (2018). His orchestral piece 'Pan' (2017) is also known as an important work - and his conceptualizing of whole tone music is considered unique - and 'Chiron' was released in May 2020, and the groundbreaking minor piece 'In the Woods' in 2016. While in the strictest sense considered an 'unreal' indie-artist, he has also composed great works like 'The Other Side' (2015) and 'The Fallen' (2019) and he is known as an adversary of the Luciferian High-Order, specifically the so-called 'evil white.'

Lien is considered a musical genius, is now a middle-aged man for which life has been governed by political control; and he is still kept in a form of custody by the police, has little opportunity of performing concerts, or similar.

Lars claims he was the 17th century Scottish 'rhymer' and bard, Robert Burns, in principle, the finest of the classical poets; and he is in fact a layman and great illumined saint of the Capuchin Franciscan Order, and since 3 yrs back - June 2017. Potential 'fans' might question whether it is possible to be surviving on welfare 'in the interest of national security' and still work as the supreme High-Master of the alternative white brotherhood? His order now counts 20M.


Lars Lien's avant-gardist poetry book 'All Sorts, Lies of a Kind' (2014) has by now sold a thousand copies, incl. ebook ed.