Lara Lova
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From: Germany

Genre: Country, Dance/Electronica, Soul

Lara Lova

was born and raised in Russia, before she moved to Germany some 25 years ago. Her passion is music in all variations, with no limitations in sounds, styles and lyrics. She is a female singer& songwriter and her lyrics are written in Russian, English, German and French language. She favours romatic ballads in various genres, but also is open to country, Pop, Dance floor music or electronic influences. She wants to be free in choosen between the various styles of music and doesn`t accept borders.…

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  1. Free the Mind

  2. Feel the Sun

  3. Wake up Проснись

  4. J'ai tant besoin de toi

  5. Wild cats

  6. Fly

  7. Back Home

  8. How Do You Do

  9. Ocean
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