From: Canada

Classical, Instrumental, Niche Genre

Even though his music has continued to evolve and adjust to the changes and advancements in the world for over five decades, to truly become a fan of artist L.R. Lane (1950 - ) is not possible and hopefully the following outline provides insight as to why.

Starting out as a music student fascinated with the written notes in his piano books and how they translated into real sound on the instrument

practicing classical techniques and playing recitals and competitions (never seeing himself as becoming anything more than someone who liked playing for a receptive audience) L. R. Lane developed his skill and although he had only a solo background when a group of school friends asked him to join their band, it marked the beginning of several years of experience with bands of different genres.

After losing appreciation for his classical training L.R. Lane eventually wound up hearkening back to it, becoming a ballet class accompanist where he and the instructor (currently his wife) started their artistic collaboration, constructing their theater production and eventually a website for their niche creative works and simple and straightforward as that may seem a succession of pitfalls that played a major role in the creative process ironically proved the theme of their production i.e. "There is a kind of music for everything that happens." to be accurate.

Systems dependent on grants and donations, ineffective internet resources and impractical conditions reliant on ticket sales and promotion - all part of the modern day facade that independent artistry has inherent advantages - are the variables that have continued to challenge the viability of the music of L.R. Lane for which there is no audience anymore simply because it is never performed.

One might say "Tsk tsk" to the artist at this point for not anticipating well, but there is evidence of wisdom in the fact that his production about a character who tries to create a perfect theater work privately on paper and drums up a spectacular director on paper too to make it go the distance finally realizing how vital the truth is exemplifies fictitiously that the source of true music is always worth seeking and is an appropriate context for hearing the actual music of L.R. Lane.

He no longer composes or is actively performing his music, therefore no audience or fan base can exist for L.R. Lane; but the Twenty preludes playlist posted below (in L.R. Lane's links) to convey the essence of his suite will augment what is heard here on internet radio.