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  • The Brothers Speak to Noisiu

  • Derdriu Speaks to Noisiu

  • Noisiu Speaks to Derdriu

  • Leborcham Speaks to Deirdre

  • Cathbad Gives the Prophecy

  • Newborn

  • Hymn to Cybele

  • Queen of Heaven

  • Brighid Lights Her Own

  • She Draws Her Bow

  • Invocation at the Eastern Gate

  • Hearth and Heart

  • He Mourns for the Change

  • The Meeting at the Stream

  • The Hosting of the Sidhe

  • A prayer to Brighid in times of violence

  • A prayer for the hours before dawn

  • Invocation at the Western Gate

  • The Jealousy of Emer

  • Snowflakes

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