Kristen Lawrence
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From: CA, United States

Genre: Alternative/Alt. Rock, Gothic, Halloween, Classical

Classically trained pipe organist Kristen Lawrence has been called the Queen of Halloween for writing and producing elegant, fun, and melodic music for the Halloween season, but is enjoyed all year by fans.

Rue Morgue Magazine’s music editor described Lawrence's music this way: "With sweeping string arrangements, handsome lyrics and layers of her own graceful voice, Lawrence spins ethereal tales with a balance of macabre elements and kid-friendly whimsy ... that give her creations an instantly classic…

Kristen Lawrence songs
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  • Vampire Empire

  • Gust ("Crossroads" Version)

  • Gust ("Ghost Town" Version)

  • Zombie Ambience - Zombies Around Steve Bartek

  • Blood Waltz - Instrumental

  • Zombie Ambience

  • Arachnitect (Spider)

  • Ghost of John - Dead Composers Version

  • Blood Waltz - Vocal

  • Flappy Bat

  • Sleeping Dust - The Death Lullaby

  • Cats In The Catacombs

  • Souling Song - Samhain Version

  • Souling Song - All Hallows Version

  • Mostly Ghostly - Entrance

  • A Broom With A View

  • Ghost of John - Bare Bones Version

  • The Raven - edited version

Videos From Kristen Lawrence

  1. Jack o' Lantern

  2. Demons

  3. Naked Skeletons

  4. The Raven

  5. Sleeping Dust (The Death Lullaby)

  6. Halloween Music - "Ghost of John (Dead Compos…

  7. Halloween Music - "Ghost of John (Bare Bones)

  8. Halloween Music - "Souling Song - Samhain Ver…

  9. Halloween Music - "A Broom With A View"

  10. Halloween Music - "Blood Waltz (Instrumental)…

  11. Halloween Music - "Arachnitect"

  12. Halloween Music - "Vampire Empire"

  13. Halloween Music - "Dark Glass"

  14. Halloween Music - "Flappy Bat"

  15. Toccata and Fugue in D minor - Kristen Lawrence

  16. "Toccata/Fear Of The Dark" Part 1 of 2-w…

  17. Zombie Ambience - Kristen Lawrence

  18. Gust ("Crossroads" Version)

  19. Zombie Ambience- "Zombies Around Steve Bartek…
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Saturday, March 28, 2020
Glorious! Such a beautiful voice. Absolutely love the harpsichord + organ! <3