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From: United States

Genre: Metal, Symphonic Metal, Power Progressive / Gothic / Visual

Stories of hope and the human nature. The underlining process of being transformed and reborn free. A second in life when the soul cries in grief. The song of the universe translated in music from the hands of a modernist musical quartet, formed in 2010 by Joel Griiyo.

Kristalida brings a refreshing musical adventure for those who dare to experience the deepest human emotions. With inspiring and touching lyrics as a primordial back bone and luscious arrangements as a shiny aura, Kristalida captivates and…

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  • Alice in the Darkestland

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    Kristalida - Alice in the Darkestland
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    Kristalida - Life or Death
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Tuesday, June 07, 2016
Interesting enough for me to come over here to find out "what's on"!