Kls the Natural

From: OR, US

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap, West Coast

Kurtis Leonard Satanus

Oregon Native from Warm Spring known as Kls the Natural, Rapper, Producer, Song writer.

Kls the Natural songs

Videos From Kls the Natural

  1. Kls the Natural - The Payoff

  2. KLS the Natural - Got to win

  3. Ready 4 Whatever

  4. Kls the Natural - Walk the line (Music video)

  5. EVOL

  6. Walk the line

  7. Kls

  8. Ready 4 Whatever

  9. 187

  10. Cause I'm Back Now

  11. Life Is Just a Game

  12. How It's Goin Down

  13. Talk for a Few

  14. You Don't Know Me

  15. Watch Yo Step Watch Yo Back

  16. What You Want

  17. Real Shit

  18. Hate It or Love It

  19. Fuck with You

  20. Until the Wheels Fall Off
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