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From: China

Blues, Jazz, Rock

CCTV3 China TV station:

Kiumars made his first debut in China on CCTV3 Chinese TV station in 2005 and played the song; I am a Ningbo Man.

About myself:

My name is Kiumars, born in Iran, Danish nationality and a Chinese citizen. Have completed multiple educations in architecture, interior architecture and graphic design. As much as enjoyed a successful career in the field of architecture as well as teaching architecture at university, an extreme passion to music played a major role in reliving myself from different angles. However, makes it even harder to render a feasible biography to fulfill allowable tasks within the timeframe of a normal daily life unless priorities taken over the rest of which that have been severely compromised. I never studied music but grew up with music. I only took several sessions to learn piano at age seven, 3 sessions of bass guitar, 5 sessions of acoustic guitar and 10 sessions of blues guitar and that was all I needed to pick up the instrument and play like a pro. Because I saw the instrument as a part of my body that speaks for me. You do not need to study about your arms and legs before using them. You do not give an instruction book to a child how to walk. Either we are born to do things naturally or just a fellow who follows to fulfil a dream. As a senior university lecturer in design and architecture, I believe less in lecturing more in self-learning and I strongly discourage parents who wish to fulfill their own dreams pushed into their children who meant to be better off in different fields of interest.

The most misleading quote ever heard, yet widely used; “If I can do it, so can you”

About my music:

I do not start a new song over a decision but by listening to myself. It always starts with a short message in which I hear and receive vividly in tones of sound while playing gently on guitar, which takes me with to a journey. Have no idea to where it takes me but excited to wait and reach there. It is like watching a movie or reading a book that relieves only in mind. Pages flip in mind; words start to dance with the tune played. That is how I know a new song is about to burst.

All my songs are original. There are no band members. Instead, I play and record all instruments over separate tracks before the final recording. The song “Seventeen” named because; I played seventeen instruments to complete the song. I do not use computer-editing tools to tweak, fix or alter tones. I like to record directly while playing.

About music in general:

The process of life simply formulates itself into music. Enables us to see the world with eyes closed

Music is the only language to communicate with people around the world. No need for translation, speculation or misunderstanding. It transfers messages pure, pleasant and fast less than three minutes, which last forever.

What language do we speak in head while thinking? The answer is simple; our mother language or the language we speak on daily basis. Well, what if we start thinking in music language. If we are able to do that, is the sign of being a musician who can easily write and compose music naturally.