Kill The Precedent

From: CA, United States

Genre: Metal, Industrial , Punk

Sacramento septet Kill The Precedent deliver a whole new breed of chaos on their first full-length album for Minus HEAD Records, Dialogues with the Dead. These seven men have made quite the name for themselves with their "zombie beach party" and "cops and robbers" themed live shows. Musically, they forge a metallic assault and hardcore energy to a staggering industrial backbone. Get ready for the revolution. Get ready for Kill The Precedent.

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  1. Lesser of Two Evils (NSFW)

  2. Two Way Mirrors audio track

  3. Let Go

  4. Goodbye Lullaby

  5. Free Reign (Everbody's Dead) lyric video
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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Sounds amazing, kinda like Beastie Boys if they were an Irish metal band.