From: FL, United States

Classical, Piano, Original

Kevin Mongelli is an award winning composer. He creates and performs original piano music with unexpected insight and intensity. Please visit his website at

o Three time Winner at the Global Music Awards for Darker Days and INSPERATO

o Best Male Classical Artist at the 2014 Indie Music Channel Awards

o Darker Days winner at the 2013 Indie Music Channel Awards for Best Classical Recording

o Winner at the 2012 Song of the Year Competition for his original piece “Darker Days” in the Instrumental category.

o Albums FORT LONESOME and ASCENSION both nominated for Album of the Year at the Indie Music Channel Awards

Currently released albums:


Fort Lonesome (2012)

Christmas Variations (2010)

Ascension (2009)

Albums are available from all major online retailers including Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, and CD Baby. Tune in on Pandora and Jango Internet Radio.

From the critics (more reviews at

"INSPERATO is Epic" - Gilli Moon, SongsAlive!

“Kevin Mongelli is to piano what Einstein is to E=MC² and his work on Fort Lonesome is just as intelligent and memorable.”

- 2012 March/April issue of I Am Entertainment Magazine

“…a top notch composer…inspiring yet accessible, profound yet easy to understand.”

- James Moore, IMP

“He creates a depth of sound with just a piano that is rarely heard from artists and songwriters alike” - Paul Ruth , The Independent Music Scene

“Original piano compositions that offer something quite rare: pieces that are classical yet relatable”. - Devon Jackson, Freelance Music Journalist