Kelly Pettit
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From: Canada

Genre: Rock, Folk, Country

Not only has Canadian born Kelly Pettit been able to perform and reach fans in more than 4 continents, but this Japan based musician has achieved this in ways that break the traditional mold of how singer/songwriters are usually heard. On his 5th album titled “THESE DAYS”, Kelly showcases exactly what makes him so alluring.

His mass appeal didn’t happen over night. Kelly has been slowly accumulating a loyal fan base since his first CD, “Life through a Windshield” and slowly through word of mouth, live sh…

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    Every Sunrise
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    She Shines
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    Dead Lines
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    I Remember - Kelly Pettit
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    You, the Melody live - Kelly Pettit
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    The Making of "These Days" part one
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    Perfectly Beautiful Lyrics video
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    "I Want it That Way" - Backstreet Boys c…
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Monday, May 23, 2016
vey good!1 I like it a lot!!