From: United Kingdom

Pop, Rock, Soul

Modern day Renaissance man, Julian Lennon, has a sensitive and poetic vision of life coursing through his exquisite photography, philanthropic pursuits, and his acclaimed music. In 2007, Lennon founded the global environmental and humanitarian organization The White Feather Foundation whose key initiatives are education, health, conservation and the protection of indigenous culture. He produced the compelling documentary whaledreamers, shown at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival and earned 8 International Film Festival Awards, as well as serving as executive producer on recent documentary Lost Girls, as well as the forthcoming Quest and Connected. He is a renowned photographer and garnered many outstanding reviews for his iconic images from his multiple collections including Horizon, Alone, Timeless, and most recently, Cycle. The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter returned with his first album in 15 years, the critically-acclaimed 2013 release Everything Changes (Music From Another Room), a masterwork of powerfully vulnerable and sophisticatedly accessible adult pop. Soon to add author to his CV, 2017 will see his first in a series of children’s books, Touch The Earth (Sky Pony Press). Lennon continues to write, produce music and independent documentary feature films, and is currently exhibiting his photography in galleries and art fairs around the globe. For more information visit, and