Judgement Day
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From: CA, United States

Genre: Metal, Classical, Instrumental

For Judgement Day, the only way to think is outside the box. On its third full-length album, Polar Shift, the Oakland trio deconstructs and reconstructs heavy rock with nothing more than violin, cello, and drums. Over the course of 14 original tracks, the group—Anton Patzner (violin), Lewis Patzner (cello), and Jon Bush (drums)—conjures a massive sound via classical instruments. In 2002, brothers Anton and Lewis founded Judgement Day. With Bush in the fold a year later, the group started to amass a fervent…

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  1. Forest Battle

  2. Cobra Strike (Violin Hero)

  3. Out of the Abyss

  4. Peacocks/Pink Monsters

  5. "Xenophonic" Drunk Love live sessions
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