From: UT, United States

Dance/Electronica, Soundtracks, Acoustic Piano

Josiah Barlow was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in January of 1979, and the first thing out of the doctor's mouth upon seeing the baby's tiny deformed left hand was; "Well, he's healthy, but he'll never be a piano player!" But what the doctor didn't know is he was looking at a baby with an incredible determination to share the music in his soul with the whole world...

Josiah started teaching himself how to play at 7 years old, and over the course of several years developed the skill to the point where he found he could express his emotion through the music. This began a lifelong quest to heal and inspire the planet with heartfelt music.

He was naturally empathic in his younger years, and as time went on was able to not only express his own emotion, but he would be able to connect with the energy fields of people around him and express in sound what he found there.

At age 17, he had an experience that would change everything… Josiah was involved in a violent automobile accident. After being extracted from the wreckage and placed in the ambulance, he watched his vital signs monitor flat-line and experienced death for about 5-6 minutes. When he returned to his body, things were very different. He found that not only was he able to use his empathic abilities on a much more enhanced level, but also found that music was now streaming through him from sources not on this physical plane.

He describes the experience as “channeling” or “downloading” and songs would just flow from his fingertips without any interruption or rehearsal. Some of Josiah’s best works were recorded during this period, many of which are believed to contain “activation codes” that have a profound effect on the listener far more than just simply "hearing" the music.

This brought his dream to a new level…to be able to play music that would allow the listener to be transported mentally, healed, inspired and awakened.

His music is featured on countless websites, internet radio stations, college radio stations, and he also has had several of his songs used in independent movies and films.

In 2005 he won the honored Keyboard Player of the Year award from the International Online Music Awards organization, as well as being nominated for several other categories. One of his hit songs is also featured on an indie compilation album called SUNDOWN that is in circulation throughout the US and UK.

He has been used by several meditation projects for his ethereal work on the keyboard, the latest being an incredible technique to become stress free, Intentional Resting.

Josiah currently resides in Salt Lake City with his young family, and continues to build on his vision to bring people a powerful experience derived from the music he plays.

"My passion and purpose in life is to touch every human heart that will stop, listen and feel what I put into my music.... my intention is to move and inspire the very core of people to have a breakthrough experience simply by hearing a few notes of my implementing a passion driven by unconditional love, I wish to let the world hear what is in their hearts by sharing what lies in mine."

Much Love...

Josiah Barlow