Johnnie Newkirk Jr.
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From: NY, United States

Genre: R&B, Hip-Hop/Easy Listening, Adult Alternative/Pop

Johnnie Newkirk Jr the CEO/founder of NewCharles Entertainment, and it's two divisions: Nyoka Records & NewCharles Records, He's also a recording artist, producer, composer, author, designer, inventor, civil rights activist, and businessman.…

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  1. The impossible that proved possible promo video

  2. I just want to be with you (remix)

  3. Young, but legal

  4. Seduce me, the do me live

  5. I just want to be with you (remix) promotional vid
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Thursday, November 27, 2014
Young, but legal was fantastic.. instant fan! and seduce me and do me (electro ) fantastik... I'm really e noting my morning :)