From: CA, United States

Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk/Metal


"I'm Not Ready" is Joey Smokes first of more than 40 songs that he would love his fans to hear. It has been added to quite a few Stations play list and is doing well on YouTube, etc.. It is also receiving Cool post like "Great Song" "Wow" "Amazing". So go check it out! His Second song "No Ending" should be a little more icing on a cake. It's out so check it out too! Joey loves Rock Music so he will keep trying to make Rad Rock Songs, Music Videos and Party Like A Rock Star as long as he can. Joey really likes to Thank his Fans, Friends and Family for all there support and wouldn't mind directing a movie some day and put some of them in it. Joey grew up in Temple City, California in the mid 80's to early 2000's then moved down the street. By the time he was 6 he had his parents buy him hundreds of cassettes and a few Cd's( that just started coming in) of rock bands from the 60's(his dad and moms influence) up to the 90's. That's all he wanted, This Kid loves music! He had long hair, rocker shirts, holes in his jeans with vans and sometimes a pair of snake skin boots. As much as he loved to play on his bike or skateboard he loved to play pretend Rock Concerts. Joey was always in school choir and band, sometimes getting kicked out, and at the age of 9 started humming chorus lines and verses of his own songs. Around 13 he started writing lyrics and singing those songs and at 14 he decided to pick up the guitar and took a few lessons then started to teach himself to write songs. Because he was also very busy with school, sports and work he really had to try hard to squeeze his dream in. Turns out he never gave up! Joey has been working like crazy as a Plumber/ Construction worker for years to save money for his songs and videos and at night, all night sometimes, he works on his music. The past 5 years he has been really working hard and would love to get out there very soon. Joey knows how precious life is and doesn't want another minutes to fly by. He is willing to Work his a** off for you guys! Joey Smokes will try hard to release a new song and video every several months for the next 3 to 4 songs and would like to put out an EP early next year, Then start Planning some Crazy Shows by mid next year while working on his 1st Album. Check out his newest song.