João Araújo
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From: Brazil

Genre: Latin, MPB, Samba

João Araújo is a Brazilian composer, poet, percussionist and record producer. He was born in Recife that is a city with diverse cultural influences including European, African and Indigenous peoples of the Americas. These influences have contributed with eclectic expressions in his work. His current CD "RIVAL DO DESTINO" includes compositions of different musical genres. The author introduces also some of his musical partners. The musical arrangements are very creative and the songs are performed by a team…

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    Rival do Destino - Official Video Clip
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    Video "Ratazana de Paletó (Corrupção)"
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    Promotional Video CD "Rival do Destino"
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    Video "Memórias da Imprensa"
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    Kings College London 04 Fev 2017
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    Ratazana de Paletó - Corrupção (acoustic)
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    A Velocidade que Estou
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    Memória de Nossa Gente - CD Rival do Destino
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Sunday, January 27, 2019
Fantastico ritmo!!!