From: Canada

Rock, Folk, Alternative/Alt. Rock

Rock, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Country, Classical and Opera style Vocalist and Piano/Keyboard/Organ Player. Songwriter influenced by jam bands, folk music, country, jazz and psychedelic rock, Jimmy is a live and studio session solo and group artist mostly in rock bands. Graduate from the University of Waterloo, Canada in Environmental Studies and Music Studio/Voice and Piano. Jimmy's family from his mom's side, Carole Ann (Beattie) Rupnow from the Dundass family clan, is related to Garth Hudson from Canadian-American roots rock group The Band. They were regarded as one of the world's most popular and influential rock bands of all time for about six years, from 1968-1975. The Band collaborated for many years with Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Muddy Waters to name a few.

The album entitled Jimmy Rupnow is a compilation of 9 songs recorded in 2013. BEHIND FIRE, his second album was released in December 2015. Other Levels is a double album from 2016. The songs are written, performed, mixed and mastered by Jimmy at Blue Springs Studios in Waterloo, Ontario.

Paul Stouffer, piano expert and Jazz Entertainer, was Jimmy's piano teacher/music advisor over the course of 10 or more years. It is fortunate to have worked on music concepts with Paul at the same time as Jimmy recorded all of his solo albums.

In addition to his solo work, Jimmy Rupnow is mainly currently a member of a lot of rock bands and acts like The Exceptional Gentlemen, Grüveyard, Dana K & the Remedy, The Ken Dolls and Mark and Jimmy.

Several other projects include original Rock/Folk band RIDGEWALKER with a debut album Ridgewalker. (2016) It took about 8 years and was recorded at famed METALWORKS Studios in Mississauga (Toronto) with band member/Producer Myke Mazzei, along with Songwriter/Singer Sean McCammon and band. Another recording location for the album included the GRCA Laurel Creek Nature Centre in Waterloo for some vocal tracks one dark and quiet night. The Slacks is an improvisational group that had always been a highlight bringing together many good friends to play all kinds of genres, and are still going today at times with various members. There are more bands including Savage Blue, that was the first serious band in which Jimmy was a member, and they played together for nearly 20 years.

Jimmy resides in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.