Jimmy Haber

From: United States

Genre: Rock, 60s Rock, Alternative Rock

Jimmy Haber is a pioneer of the Pop Punk scene, Having formed the Degenerates, in 1981. The band Charted With "Beat Your Family" and 'Living On Bamboo" in the mid 80s. Haber started a solo career in 1985, with the 20 song "Under The Counter Culture" album. 30 years later, A new String of records has been released to critical acclaim, "New Bondi Hippies" (2013) and "Joy Acid Pact" (2015), both recorded in Sydney Australia, Combining his love of the British Invasion sound, with power pop and new pop punk.

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Thursday, June 27, 2019
Right up my alley! I like it! It fit right in with my 60s session on Jango. I will watch for you!