Jenny Wilson is a Swedish singer-songwriter, born on October 20, 1975 in Blekinge, Sweden. She founded the band First Floor Power in 1997 and released two albums, There Is Hope and Nerves, before leaving the band to go solo around 2004. She studied graphic design at Konstfack for one year. Her music has a distinct style influenced by electro.

Jenny Wilson was signed to The Knife's Rabid Records, and was a guest vocalist on The Knife's album Deep Cuts. Her solo album Love and Youth was released in 2005 in Sweden.

In August 2006, Love and Youth was released in Australia on Hussle Recordings' album imprint (later to launch independently as etcetc). The first single from the album, "Summertime - The Roughest Time", received extensive airplay on Triple J.

In November 2006, Wilson appeared on Robyn's promotional The Rakamonie EP, featuring in a live recording of the song "List of Demands".

On February 25, 2009, Wilson self-released her second solo album Hardships! on CD and vinyl.

In January 2010 Jenny Wilson won an European Border Breakers Award for her international success In 2010 she wins an European Border Breakers Award for her international success.

The song "You Take My Breath Away" by The Knife features Jenny Wilson on vocals. The song is about The Knife's Karin Dreijer Andersson going to a First Floor Power show. Wilson is also featured in the music video for the song.