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From: France

Genre: Pop, soul,jazz,folk

Music has always paced her life. At home, she listens to her parents' records and discovers all the artists that will have an impact throughout her lige:Rickie Lee Jones, Tuck and Patti, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Sam Cooke, Joni Mitchell, Stan Getz, Marcel Dadi, Mahaleo, Jaojoby (Malagasy music) etc...

Irina comes from a family where everyone plays music. Ever since she was a child, any event, sad or happy, becomes an excuse to bring out the instruments and sing.

In 2007, after coming home from a t…

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    Sailor (acoustic song) - Official video
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    Irina-R – I Wish (Official video)
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    Consuming - Official Video
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    Charming Eyes (piano/voix) - Live @ Les Trois Baud
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    Raindrop (Acoustic session)
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