"Innervision" is a song by the band System of a Down. It was released as a promo sampler single and was played on radio stations. The song is from the Steal This Album! record. Overview, This single is the only single released from Steal This Album! to be non-airplay only. As in the case with most songs from Steal This Album, it has only been played live on very few occasions. The song was leaked prior to the album's release, although it was not included in the Toxicity II bootleg, rather than being leaked in a separate way. The origin of the leak is unknown. The leaked version features a slightly different arrangement and lyrics, most predominantly in the bridge and second verse where layered vocals are used on the album version. Track listing, No.TitleLyricsMusicLength 1. "Innervision" Tankian, Malakian Malakian, Tankian 2:35