From: TX, United States

Genre: Reggae, Ska, Punk

Indofin is energetic reggae ska punk from Austin TX. A defining band in the current TX live music scene, Indofin has played shows all over TX & toured the US, near 300 shows since '05. They've gotten to play SXSW,2007 Warped Tour and Wakarusa 2010. Their latest album "2X Broken" is available now!

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  • One Cup of Coffee Live @ Wakarusa

Videos From Indofin
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    2X Broken LIVE @ Jack's San Antonio TX
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    Jailhouse Sublime cover Live @ Jacks SATX 7/2010
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    Zanbar Live @ Jacks SATX July 2010
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    Boozer Holiday Live @ RutaMaya Jan. 2010
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    Nonprofit - Live 2008
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    Indofin Sir Slippy- StudentBodyCalendars DVD Shoot
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